Experienced Strategies for Your Home Sale:

MAXimize your savings with eHome Flat Fee Listing

Professional Expertise | Strategic Market Placement | Low Flat Fee


Flat Fee only $2,395

paid at closing

By contributing your own efforts to the listing process in the areas that don’t require professional expertise you save BIG while having your professional broker provide expertise where it matters most.

After trying to sell the home ourselves for months we had 2 contracts, over appraised value, within a week of it going on the market with Oakley. She's down to earth and easy to talk to...... Her price is below that of the big real estate companies but she provides no less in service!

-P. Loonan

Innovative and experienced, Oakley worked with us to develop marketing strategies that sold our home during the most challenging economic times. Oakley is a breath of fresh air in the real estate business ...... In my opinion, Oakley is the best and most diligent Realtor in town.

-E. Hamrick

From listing to closure, Oakley made sure every aspect of my property listing went smoothly. Her dedication to accuracy, completeness, and following up with our needs was very appreciated and unique.... Honestly, I approached her with a listing to sell and was so impressed with her skills; I ended up looking at property to buy!

-A. Stewart

Oakley is one of the most responsive and thorough professionals in real estate investment or any other industry I have met. ..... She’s the only real estate agent I will work with in Colorado moving forward and had it not been for her, our complex and out of the ordinary deal may have fallen through. She really saved the day!

-D. Bryant

Maximize your savings with eHome Flat Fee Listing

Strategic Market Placement | Perform like a full-fee listing | Only $2,395 paid at closing.

The eHomeListing is the latest service developed by Equity-Max Realty to take savings for home sellers to the MAXimum.  As the first Northern Colorado real estate broker to offer a full service flat fee listing service, Oakley Roberts realized that many of the tasks that are performed for a listing require no expertise and sellers end up paying for tasks that they could easily perform themselves.

The true value of a professional is not in clerical tasks but in the advice and experience that creates a smooth and problem free sale. It’s the times when there is a bump in the road of the sales process that a broker makes all the difference.

eHomeListing allows sellers to contribute their efforts to the process and gives them the opportunity to save the MAXimum on the listing fee while still getting the real benefit of professional expertise and a listing that “acts” like a full-fee listing while also receiving the benefit of professional photos and a staging consultant.

It’s a Discount Realty Jungle Out There!

As more discount real estate brokers have entered the market providing flat fee MLS listing services, it’s harder for sellers to understand the differences. Most discount listing brokers that provide rock bottom fees also provide rock bottom service. Their main effort is getting the listing on the MLS. Very little concern is given to strategic market placement. And, typically flat fee brokers fail their clients by not presenting listings in the same manner as full-fee companies.

  • It’s critical to have your flat fee listing merge undetectable with those of full-fee listings. Equity-Max eHome Flat Fee service is structured so that your listing looks and acts like a full-fee listing.
  • While keeping your professional fully involved in the most important elements of your listing, the eHomeListing model allows you to maximize savings by contributing your effort to the process.
  • The eHome Flat Fee Listing system lets listings hit the market faster and more efficiently.

eHome Flat Fee Listing Overview

Data Collection

Starting a listing is a simple task of collecting data about the home such as number of bedrooms, size, general details. This information requires no expertise just time.

Your eHomeListing broker will send you everything you need to gather the information.  You will be contacted to schedule a professional staging consultation and professional photos.

Professional Consultation

After receiving your home data your broker will contact you to discuss the details of your home and will perform a comparative market analysis of homes sold in your area.  You will receive a value analysis, data and photos of sold properties. With this information in hand you can arrive at a final listing price for your home.

Market Strategy

Your broker will help you determine the best, most competitive, market strategies specific to your home and your competition so that your return of equity is MAXimized.

Going Live!

Once all the preliminary work is complete your eHomeListing broker will publish the listing in the MLS system.  Your listing will go live across the real estate web where it will appear on hundreds of sites including Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com

Relax, your Equity-Max broker has it from here to closing!

Must Quack Like a Duck

Your listing presentation must meet the expectations of the market and buyer brokers.

  • For instance, scheduling the showing of your home “as usual” allows your home to “go with the flow.” Equity-Max hires the same showing service that is used by full-fee companies to schedule showings for your home. No hassle to you or buyer brokers and no missed showings.
  • The showing service automated feedback system makes it easy for buyer brokers to give you feedback after each showing.
  • Display your Equity-Max yard sign so buyers driving by know your home is available and can be seen with a quick phone call to your Equity-Max broker.
  • Most importantly, all communication with buyer brokers is handled directly with your eHomeListing broker. All offers will be submitted through and reviewed by your listing broker before presenting them to you. After your review you will evaluate the offers with your listing broker.
  • All negotiations and documentation is handled directly by your listing  broker.
  • After you are under contract with your accepted offer, your listing broker will handle the remainder of the transaction from inspection negotiations to closing administration.

The very best part of your sales experience is when you see the thousands you’ve saved on your Closing Statement with your eHomeListing!

An Honest, Flat-Fee Approach to Real Estate:

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