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Meet Oakley Roberts - Your Home Advocate

A home is the biggest investment most people make.  So, that makes me an investment broker.  And, as such, I take my clients’ bottom line seriously. That’s why I consider myself an advocate for my clients.

The art of real estate has been a part of my life since I was a child. Buying and selling real estate was a hobby for my parents and as an only child I was steeped in every aspect of finding the “right” property and selling for top dollar.

I grew up in the shadow of the nations’ capital in Arlington, VA but, loved the diversity of spending summers on my grandfather’s farm in the Shenandoah Valley among the green mountains. After spending time in the DC corporate world I innately found my way back to real estate and along the way married an architect. I developed a love for design and construction and became a licensed Class-A general contractor to provide design-build services. I later incorporated custom design into modular construction and served on the Builder’s Advisory Committee for Regional Building Systems.

My husband was one of the early pioneers in the passive solar movement of the late 1970’s so I was immersed in the progressive movement of energy-responsive design. Our home was the first in the country to be passively cooled as well as passively heated and its performance was monitored for two years by the Department of Energy, it was a recipient of the First Passive Solar Design award and appeared in numerous publications. More than 2000 visitors from around the world toured the home during our 4-years there. It was great fun! Needless to say, I am passionate about today’s Green movement.

As an avid skier and sun-lover I realized my dream of living in Colorado in 1996. After touring the State with my husband and young son we chose Fort Collins as our home for its abundance of amenities, great location, and sense of community. I am fortunate that our son attends a hometown college, Colorado State University.

After being licensed in Colorado in 1998, I began my career with Coldwell Banker as a first year member of the Million Dollar Club and later moved to ReMax and achieved the Executive Club in the first year. By 2008 I became disillusioned by the corporate real estate model and the high fees they require. As the economy struggled sellers also struggled to pay those high fees to sell their homes.

I knew those fees were bloated by corporate requirements so I created Equity-Max Realty to offer a rational alternative.  I am a firm believer that professional expertise is critical for a successful sale.  I could never be a typical discount listing broker because I’ve seen the pitfalls that can derail a sale without the proper stewardship of a transaction. That is why my latest offering of the eHomeListing model keeps the professional fully involved in the most important elements of a listing while providing seller savings by contributing effort in the clerical tasks.

My desire is to provide service options that meet the varying needs of sellers while earning fair compensation for my efforts and providing MAXimum savings of my clients' equity.

Call for a no pressure discussion about your real estate needs.


Make smart investments from the start - build equity and prepare a plan to grow that equity for a future sale.  Sellers should implement strategies to get buyer involvement with the home, sell for top-dollar and, maximize their savings on real estate commissions.

"Innovative and experienced, Oakley worked with us to develop marketing strategies that sold our home during the most challenging economic times. Oakley is a breath of fresh air in the real estate business and provided fantastic service that focused on our needs...."
- E. Hamrick